Poems from my early years…

Feel ecstasy?
Mental, emotional and physical ecstasy?
The feeling of being complete,
content and happy.


Only for that moment in time
all good things come to an end.

Jan 1996

The coldness runs over my body
thoughts flash through my mind.
Pictures come before me
reality trickles behind.
A pain digs into my heart
I'm surrounded by the fear,
so trapped and isolated I feel
I restrain to let out a tear.


I desire you
set in my heart
set in my mind
set in my realistic dreams.
The want
the need
to feel complete
I desire you


It's a funny situation
our friendship. 
Kind of weird actually but,
in a neat way.
It's like no other friendship
We bond.
All we have to do is look at each other
and we bond.
We love.
All we have to do is look at each other
and we love.
A good love,
a related love,
our love.


This was for my dearest friend Brett in high school. We had the coolest friendship that I still cherish to this day.


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