The Battle with Depression

This demon called depression
and it's blood pouring thoughts 
Turning my brain 
into debilitating clots

I've beat you time and time again
that was in the past
Why is it that this time 
do you seem to last?

I try to cut loose
I claw to get out
I'm caught in this rut 
I feel trapped in this drought

I'm tired so tired 
I'm tired of this pattern 
I need hope, love and strength 
A guide and a lantern

I have love of others
my children, family and friends
I must love myself though 
it's on me who I depend

The power is within me
assisted by medicinal cocktails
To control this disease and
it's twisted fairy tales

You lie depression
You ill-fated demon
You twist people's minds
Like a hurricane on boats with seamen

Let go of me please
Take me off of your list
I want to live life
and not just exist

Oh I know you'll come and go
It's like a remission
I request you resign me
I strongly give permission

I am fighting this war
This battle with depression
I haven't given up 
I've added more aggression.

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