You. I see you looking back at me. The glare and judgement.

You. I know what you’re thinking. I know what you want to say, but can’t say it.

You. I know the critic in you. I know the”mad” bitch in you.

You. I know you think I’m insane or unstable with my mutilating thoughts.

You. I know you consider me worthless and less than others. That I always have something to prove, but nothing worth of proof.

You. I know you question my being a mother. If I deserve to be one. If I deserve the children I do have. If I was and am damaging them.

You. I know you’re not too sure that I am wife material. Too needy. Too critical. Too much work.

You. I know that you are confident that I am sick of myself. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You. I know you feel I lack all of the makings of being a confident and successful woman/mother. If I do have the makings I sure lack in knowing how to utilize them. Useless.

You. I know you believe that I hang on to the past. Tragedies, deaths, traumas, and sob stories. Oh you know that I don’t feel sorry for myself or victimized. I just can’t seem to let things go.

Ok you know what?!

You! Yah you in the mirror! I know that you want to believe that you deserve to treat yourself better than this. No questions about it please.

You! Yah you in the mirror! You need to escape what is holding you back from loving and accepting yourself. Stand up to your negative and damaging self. Accept and love that inner child.

You! Yah you in the mirror! You deserve to treat yourself better than you do. You are a human being. Stop second guessing yourself and accept all of what you have to offer…to yourself!

You! You in the reflection! Why are you punishing yourself?! Why? For what?

You! Yah you in the mirror! Trust! Believe! Love! You!

You! I see you. You are me. I see you.

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