It was fresh midnight air
Dark except for the lampposts
Shining on the snow flakes
Dropping to the ground

I stood in the fresh midnight air
Head tilted back
My face accepting the presence
Of the falling snow on my face

The snow flakes melted on my skin
Trickled down my nose and cheeks
Drops widening as they
Streamed down my face

It awakened me
Refreshed me
The cool air
The presence of the snow flakes

I was in the moment
Being mindful
This is beauty
Pure beauty

The night was still
With a slight mist
Of ticking snowflakes
Blessing my face

Not to take for granted
My feet placed firmly on the ground
To tilt my head upwards to the midnight sky
To not lose my balance

Each flake pittered pattered
away my worries
As long as I let myself
Enjoy this quiet time

It was fresh breathable air
It was the quiet midnight atmosphere
It was a serene time
With the snowflakes falling on my face

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