How Do I Love Thee?

It’s easy to love you
Without hesitation
Without question
It’s also scary to love you

You are still too good
to be true to me
That is why I wonder
how can He love me?

All of my flaws
Pain I have caused
The critiques
The curt responses
to your caring questions

It does scare me

You accept me
All of me
Your forgiveness
There are no conditions
No questions asked
There is just love

All you want to do
is give it
share it
show it

A smile
A simple placing of
your hand on my knee
I feel it
I see it
I experience it

You show me how
it is to be done
To love and to be loved

This is you
Warmth, comfort, security and safety
is what you give me
You give me all
that you are
You give me hope
You see me in a way
that I don’t
You believe in me
in a way that I can’t

You support me
Guide me
towards strength
towards loving myself
You show me how to love Thee

I thought I knew all along
I was wrong
until you came into my life
A healthy love
No codependency
Unconditional, authentic, truthful and pure
The way it should be
Is the way you love me

I see you
I see you Patrick Murray
You have shown me
how to love Thee
Thee being you
I love you

Father’s Day 2018



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