They wake up in the mornings
With the presence of a Father’s love
Oh how fortunate they are
You have risen above
What you and I have both experienced

You give them
What we as children lacked
You’ve made sure of that
Involved in their little lives
Right from their little beginnings

Your attention
Given to them

It was all natural for you
This is not a man who
Came from a broken home;
This is not a man who
Experienced childhood troubles?

No one would know
By the way you
Love your own
Your own flesh and blood

Your boy and your girl
Who are your world
Who you are responsible for
Gratefully so

Your time is their time
Your walks with them
Your talks with them
Your goodnight wishes
At the end of the day

It’s all second nature
To you
In all that you do
For your children
For your family

You are a natural born Father
It was in you
Right from the start all along
The role in you was and is strong
The role you play in their little lives
The man who says “good morning”
and wishes them “sweet dreams”
and “goodnight”

I know they love you
Look up to you
I know this
By the way they say

For my husband on this Father’s Day 2018

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