My Peace, My Comfort

Floating on my back
in a lake surrounded by mountains
Gentle current moving my body
Sun warming my face
Tickling my toes

Sitting on a swing porch
Warm dark roast coffee in hand
Swinging back and forth slightly
to the untimely sounds of the chimes

The sun sneaking through the moving
branches of the shady trees
To lay on a soft cozy blanket
on the pillowy grass

A warm autumn breeze
Crisp leaves rustling on the ground
beneath me
The smell of the change of season

A quiet snowfall
during the night
I stand tilting up my head
welcoming large fresh snowflakes

Music that moves me
Physically and emotionally
The depth of bass
Fast or slow with the presence of
Dave Gahan’s voice

A deep bathtub
of hot soothing water
Immersed just enough
to reach the lobes of my ears

Remembering my grandparents
rustic cabin at the lake
Sounds of the bonfire roasting hotdogs
By the lakeshore, in the night
Cinders flying into the sky

Remembering the feeling
of my Mother’s arms holding me
and her laughter
that belted out of her
The sound of her voice
when she called me “babe”

My children’s arms wrapped around me
giving me a gentle squeeze
When they lay their head on my chest
as they say I love you mommy

My daughter’s voice
as she chats
My son’s smile and laugh
when he’s silly

My husband’s voice
Soothing as he talks with me
His hands protecting me
when he holds me while I cry

My husband’s hands
My children’s hands
To hold them
To study them with my own

In nature
By myself
No worry to be had
No time to be watched

This is where I find peace
These are my comforts

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