I Am Sorry

I’m sorry
So much time was wasted
Life was in the way
Life was in my way
As well as yours
I’m sorry I didn’t
Get to know you better
Didn’t get to be there
For your struggles
Fighting your demons
They say you are at peace now
I am ignorant
I was ignorant of what
Harmed you
Caused you pain, sadness
I now know that
I missed out on getting to
Know you better
To help you if allowed
To lend an ear
Perhaps a warm, empathetic heart
I am sorry if I judged
You were a special character
This I knew
The twinkle in your eyes
The sparkle in your smile
The warmth of your deep voice
Your chuckle
Your physique and strength
Charming, yet mysterious
I am sorry
I thought of you often
Not often enough?
I regret life getting
In the way
In the way of relating
To you
I am sorry


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